Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Sea Life expands it's horizons

Ive blogged about the Sea Life here before, Its a photography journal /daily surf report / documentation of life in a coastal town run by a capitol fellow by the name of Matty J.

I signed up to receive his daily report and I tell you what people, not only is it fantastic to get a glimpse of some salt water on a daily basis its just rad being able to watch a fellow photographers style evolve over the days and months. First there was waves, then came landscapes and now portraiture, and the kid just continues to nail every shot...., sure the portrait above happens to be my other half's little bro (happy birthday TG) but personal sentiment aside its a great portrait, raw and real.

You hear surf photographer and you think action sports, a perfect moment in perfect focus, but like the swell around Cronulla these days Matty's style is a little more sporadic and unpredictable, he's developed this perfect blend of action sports meets documentary photography... whether he's shooting toes on the nose or the surrounding landscape and people it just works every time!

For more on the Sea Life click here. Yeah yeah i know his shots are digital and this here blog is about all things lo fi and awesome (like polaroids) But Matt is a participant in Hey You! Say Cheese... having signed up to recieve not one but two disposable lomo cameras to take photos with before passing them on, so that makes him ok in our books! For more Info on the disposable camera project click here, here or here

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