Sunday, November 29, 2009

The TG4 Invitational Surf Classic

Well its that time of year again... The TGI (Tommy Gray Invitational Surf Classic) started out as somewhat of a birthday bash for my boyfriends little brother and has turned into a full blown annual surf contest where its all about the fun you have on the waves you ride not the skill with which you carve up the face of a wave.

Year one was the Californian games theme that saw roller skates and rainbow colored knee pads come back with a vengeance. The TG2 was a black tie affair with crew surfing in 3 piece suits and top hats galore. By the time year 3 rolled around caution was thrown to the wind and supermen and batmen took to the waves.

This year the theme was Pirates, and by god pirates they were! I'll let the shots above speak for themselves (plus I'm too tired from such a super rad weekend to keep typing) Enjoy

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