Sunday, November 15, 2009

Educate yourself

Been playing around with your Polaroid for a while now? Used your fish eye to death? Love your lomo to bits but just have a hankering for something new and exciting? Well do yourself a favor and get yourself a Holga, My boyfriend got me one for xmas last year and by god it's awesome... colored flashes, filters and 35mm film conversions with nothing but electrical tape and a bit of foam - whats not to love?

There are however about a million different Holga types out there, so choosing which model to love is a different story all together... Im a 120GCFN girl myself (glass lens colored flash) but perhaps you are more into a standard 120GN or a more complex 120 3D? Not sure which Holga you prefer check out this handy guide to Holga models and your well on your way to making a informed decision!

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