Monday, November 30, 2009

Max Wagner takes photos.

But if you read this here blog you already knew that. Sir Max dropped me a line today to let me know that he has indeed passed the Yellow camera in the Hey You! Say Cheese Disposable Lomo project! Number 3 on the list keep your eye on the mail box...

Meanwhile this little email from max has prompted moi to pay his blog a little visit and see what he has been up to.... Turns out he has just shot some engagement photos for random strangers by the name of Mina and Alex! Check out what pure joy looks like above.

Ive said it here, here and here... the dude sure can wrangle light... he's like some kind of cowboy to the suns rays! Mad props to you Max... Oh and I don't know who's Idea the miss matching socks was but whom ever was the mastermind behind such a rad color combination you can come sought out my sock drawer any day!

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