Wednesday, August 26, 2009

5 minutes with....Max Wagner

Ladies and Gentleman it is a beautiful night for blogging! Ever since i started posting about a one Mr Max Wagner (here, here and here) Ive had loads of requests to hunt him down for one of my "5 minutes with..." Interviews. Seems the dude has quite the fan base the world over!

I first stumbled across Max when I worked at Sunday Life magazine and we ran a small story on how wedding portraits were, in short, all kinds of last season and engagement photos were the new black & Max it seems, was leading this charge with his beautiful light infused images engulfing fans far and wide - I believe he even had one young couple fly from their home base in Singapore to LA just to have one such "engagement" session with Max... So not only does he have great taste in wine and music He's one hell of a photographer too.... So here it goes people...

1. How old where u when you took your first photo and what was it of? I built my first camera out of paper and scotch tape when i was 7 years old. I think it was a Polaroid and I think I built it in our living room... so my first photo was probably of the living room - not very exciting I know...

2. What is your camera and film of choice and are you all about flash or natural light? I shoot primarily all digital these days. it's easier for my work flow. I use a canon 5D mark ii and I try to always utilize available light. I carry a flash with me just in case, but i prefer not to use it if i don't have to.

3. If your photos where a soundtrack what songs would they be? they would be songs by, the white stripes, the beatles, kanye west, sting, miles davis, coldplay, arcade fire, michael boyd, st. germain

4. Tells us a little bit about you? Why you are who you are and what you want to be taking photos of in 5 years....I was born and raised by rock and roll parents and educated in Los Angeles, Honolulu, Berkeley and the here and there of Tokyo. I’m a fan of scrap and simplicity as well as sushi, cranberry juice, chuck taylor’s, Paris, 3” robots, English premier league soccer, and last but almost certainly first, margaux. In 5 years, I'd love to be shooting food in Paris, architecture in Tokyo and still life in Hawaii :)

5. Do you shoot other film mediums? If yes what's your fave film and camera of choice? I want to get into large format some day. I love holgas and old Polaroid cameras.... but i love my mark ii right now.

6. What's your favorite photo you have ever taken and why? Don't be shy. Tell us a story Wow. I guess i love the one of the couple sitting in the train station. we sort of just stumbled upon it and the lighting was perfect, their poses were perfect... everything just literally clicked. there's a mood to the photograph that i particularly love. it's wonderful to have time with the couple before the ceremony so you can be creative and seek out locations. this couple gave us plenty of time so we were lucky enough to find the train station and get some cool shots...

And there you have it people, 5 glorious minutes with Photographer Max Wagner, Thanks so much for your time Max! If you would like to check out more of Max's work click here or pay regular visits to his blog here, a great place for endless inspiration.

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  1. Great interview! I love the couple in the train station. Such juxtaposition...really beautiful. My first visit to your it so far! xo m.