Sunday, August 30, 2009

18 Years and 6,000 polaroids...

This is the 3rd blog post I ever made, its just such a amazing story I wanted to re post it for all of the new readers! I read so many stories about individuals taking a photo a day for a year, and i always marvel at their dedication but this man below takes the cake... read on to find out more!

Mr Livingstone is just a human, a regular Joe like you and me. He took, for no specific reason, a Polaroid a day... for 18 years. 6000 photos later his life ended with a self portrait on his deathbed... it was his 41st birthday. Click here to check out the beauty amongst all the madness. the cherry on top, a chance to see New York City evolve over the 20 years that was 1977 to 1997. enjoy

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