Friday, August 21, 2009

Light Leaks Call for Submissions

I blogged yesterday about light leaks and how every issue they call for submissions from photographers the world over, well they are currently knee deep in issue 15 and have put a call out for Pin hole photos.

The Issue is due out in November and they are looking for your ONE best pinhole image for submissions... Restrictions are as follows: the CAMERA must be low-fi, so pinholes on your Holgas, Diana+, simple box/homemade are OK by them however don't be thinking you can chuck a pinhole cap/attachment on 'good' cameras such as your SLR or DSLR as you will be promptly turned away from the door /the pin hole gods will frown upon you forever!

You can read more submission details, including where to send you picture right here, I don't have a pin hole camera so I'll be sitting this one out but Id love to see what you guys submit and I'll definitely be on board the next one!


  1. Hey lady, you can get pinhole cameras that you put together yourself from eckersleys for $30! And even better, they take 35mm film xx

  2. ooooohh really! ill have to get onto that! I remember making them in yr 10 art with a substitute teacher called smokey dawson... but thats about the extent of my knowledge