Monday, August 24, 2009

600 Film in a SX-70

So I haven't posted much of my own work lately because decent scanners are hard to come by these days, my new office only has one of those industrial sized crappy lo res ones that doubles as a printer/photocopier....

But desperate times call for desperate measures and today I had to confront all my demons and use this lo res piece of garbage, its with this in mind I apologise for the pixelated images above...until I get a spare second to go out and buy a decent scanner, this my friends will have to do!

The shots above were taken when I converted my 600 film cartridge to fit into my brand new (as in really really old) SX-70 camera (you can learn how to do that here) given 600 film is 4x faster than time zero film the shots come out 4x lighter... I even had the camera on the darkest setting and this is the best I got in full sun.... get yourself in some shade however and everything comes up beautifully, check out the daisy shot above taken on the same roll of film!

I wouldn't call any of these photos a raging success but all the experimenting led me to the success of these photos right here, hands down my two favorite photos I have ever taken!

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