Thursday, August 27, 2009

Disposable camera project update

If you have been snoozing under a rock for the past few weeks then you probably would have missed this post about how I purchased 8 disposable lomo cameras to send around the world...

As previously mentioned each camera is assigned a color, and if you have dropped me or Matt a email in the past week or so then the chances are you have now been assigned to a specific camera! There are 12 people p/camera and the cameras are as follows:

1. Australia camera - BLUE (full)
2. Australia camera - PINK (full)
3. Australia camera - ORANGE (full)
4. America camera - YELLOW (There is 1 spot left... come on Americans jump on the bandwagon while you can...alternatively if 13 people drop me a email here then I'll assign a second camera to America)
5. UK/Europe camera - RED (I only have 5 participants for this camera...come on you crazy poms... where is the love)
6. Australia camera - GREEN (full

...and i am well on my way to filling 7.Australia camera RED if anyone is still keen to participate there is indeed room, and if there isn't I'll make room!

You see the way it works is once you have emailed me expressing your interest I put you in a group of 12 random strangers, gather all your postal addresses and ship the camera off to the first person on the list... that person takes 2 photos and sends the camera on to the next person on the list until it gets to the last person, who takes the last 2 photos before posting it back to me, I'm hoping to have some sought of exhibition once all the cameras have returned home!

The cameras will be posted out on Monday morning people... its time to get excited people, if the shot above, found here on Flickr, isn't inspiration enough i don't know what is!


  1. How fun! I can't wait to see the finished project! :)

  2. ohhh you are a american are you not ? :) care to take the last spot?? :)x

  3. I'm American ! I sent you an email with my info, hope there's still a spot left. Cool concept. Either way, best of luck with your project.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  4. Hi Kara... chances are You are on the list... I will tripple check when i get home though and if you are not i shall add you :)x

  5. i'm in the still looking for people?

  6. Me too I'm in the uk and wondering if you need another person?

  7. YES PLEASE UK'ians! emailing you both now :)

  8. Hey you have done great work, all the projects are really good, i wish to see completed project.

  9. Pretty sure I'm too late but IF NOT, I'm Australian and I'd love to participate? I don't know where to send an email to though..

    Also, strange. First thing that drew me to this blog was that photo because I saw it on flickr a while ago now and loved it to bits; all the photos Fiona takes are great. Hope you let her know you used it!

  10. Are these up anywhere yet babe?