Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hey You! Penis!

Yep... attention grabbing headline isnt it! Penis! kind of just catches your eye dont it!

I have been leaving cameras tied to trees and benches for years! I ask people to take a photo - to think outside the square and be creative so I'm almost surprised it has taken 3 years for me to get my first photo of a penis... sure people have taken photos of there backsides before, maybe even stuck the odd finger up (at the camera not the arse) but never before has someone taken a photo of their shall we say 'not so privates'... who ever you are random stranger from falls festival - your dick is now online for the world to see!

Oh and It just so happens there are 4 other rolls of perfectly PG and perfectly wonderful photos taken by complete random strangers online too, like the festival fairy above. Click here to be taken straight to the 2010/2011 falls festival albums... oh and if you are under the age of 15, are not accompanied by a adult perhaps close your eyes when you get half way through camera 9!

Voigtlander VITO - cross processed

So I have been doing a bit of research lately into how different speeds and brands of slide film turn out after being cross processed... Ill proccess the results in a few days but i think its safe to say Fujuichrome 100-400 speed film comes out red :)

I have just posted a whole new bunch of 35mm shots and subsequently deleted all of the digital shots on my website I dont know why, It just never seems right having them up there next to my 35mm film shots... Im constantly fighting the urge to photoshop them to make them look like film... you know how it goes, slight saturation, bit of a grain, burn around the edges... but what would be the point? Its not real... Its not honest... and it never quite works out the way it should... but thats whats so great about film... its not calculated, you cant plan to have a frame come out a certain way... it just does and thats why I love it and all its imperfections so much.


As I mentioned earlier YEN Magazine featured the Hey You! Say Cheese Project in this months issue! Its sure to be gone from the news stands in the next week or so to make way for what is sure to be another fabulous issue so if you haven't picked up a copy from your local newsagent drop what your doing and run run run before you miss out!

Hey You! Say Cheese! goes to falls festival

I have lived in Sydney for 10 years and for the better part of those 10 years I have bought in each new year at Falls Music & Arts Festival in Lorne, Victoria... Far far away from the crowds of Sydney I am surrounded instead by beautiful trees, great music and most importantly good people. I have been to many of Australia’s bigger festivals and it is Falls and Falls alone that delivers year on year.

Its a family run festival on a family owned farm and each year feels like everyone is simply ‘coming home for christmas’. 2010/11 would of been my 7th Falls festival, however I had to attend a friends wedding on Lord Howe Island, Alas at falls I was not... That didn’t stop me from sending a few cameras down on behalf of the Hey You! Say Cheese! Disposable Camera Project to capture every beautiful random moment as it happened by my humble sign asking random strangers to stop and take a photo...

Click here to check out the results...