Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My turn to take a trip

I finally scored a olympus trip 35 on ebay! Woooo! Hopefully it will arrive in the next few days! Its missing a lens cap (anyone got a spare) but other than that is in tip top shape!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ok Ok here is another one

Below I posted a little sneak peek of the Hey You! Say Cheese! Disposable camera project results, but who was I kidding! One photo wasn't enough, two more of my faves above!

You can find out more about the Project here, keeps your eyes peeled on the website in the coming days for the complete galleries!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Its been a long 14 months...

But finally the disposable cameras I sent out into the world to 100 random strangers 14 long months ago are finally home (it was meant to take 5 weeks, 3 months at the most - haha)

I am so grateful to everyone who took part, donated your time, money and creativity to a little bit of fun that served to purpose other than to put a smile on your face and keep the love of film alive!

A little sneak peek from the red camera above! Click here for more information

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sleep easy...

We can all rest a little easier knowing that Kodak have no plans to be shutting down 35mm and 120 film production anytime soon! In fact they are, and I quote "doing extremely well... it almost feels that there is a very real resurgence for film.” Damn straight there is, although you'd never know it seeing as film is now impossible to buy at the chemist, supermarket not to mention your average corner store... The days of disposable cameras and 35mm film cartridges lining supermarket isles are all but over my friend, unless you have a camera store near by its all about ordering online. For those of you based in Australia this place is a great online resource for ordering film! But if you are a regular buyer of all things film perhaps chat to your local supermarket or chemist about getting those shelves re stocked! Who knows maybe they didnt get the memo about films so called 'resurgence' :)

Read more of the Kodak interview here. At the very least it will make you a little less panicked about films foreseeable future!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Andy Irons "i surf because" short film from Billabong on Vimeo.

Ahhh this has nothing to do with film photography... but everything to do with it at the same time... What can I say, the dude inspired a lot of people... and inspiration is what its all about.

My thoughts are with his brother, (8 month pregnant) wife and family right now. Peace be with you man xo

Sir Ryan Tatar

I have blogged about a one Mr Ryan Tatar quite a lot over the years... he reads my blog... I read his... He was kind enough to donate his time and participate in my global Hey You! Say Cheese project and is just a wonderful photographer and all round nice guy.... His documentary style surf photographer was a big influence when it came to me deciding to cruise America, living in the back of a camper van for 3 months next year, a country, previously i had little desire to travel.

Its been a while since I posted some of his photos... so feast your eyes on the awesomeness above and be sure to click here if you'd like to see more

Meet Jack

Jack Tar takes awesome photos... if my Olympus trip shots come out half as good as his (above) i will be one happy kid! Check out more of his handy work here

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Its time to take a trip

I own plenty of vintage cameras... Polaroid EE66's, EE44's, 600s, mini portraits and SX-70s, I own Eastman Kodak's, Lomo's, Diana's and Holga's not to mention a Pentax MZ50... but one camera I don't have and have always wanted - a Olympus Trip... Seems like every time I stumble across a amazing photo lately its taken on a Olympus trip.

I'm currently bidding on a few on Ebay so fingers crossed Ill be the proud owner of a new (and when i say new) I mean old camera soon :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kill All Artists

Some new photos on my website from Hey You! Say Cheese - Shark Island Camera. Be sure to have a squiz here some time today!

Locals only

Locals only is a cool book with some damn cool photos. Photographer Hugh Holland started shooting skateboarders in the early 70s around LA... All I can say is thank god half of CA was in drought at the time... otherwise hugh would of come up short when it come to empty cement pools to shoot and skate in.

Find out more here

Monday, November 1, 2010

I shoot film

I shoot film is a Flickr group with a amazing 50,853 members who have uploaded a staggering 1,448,613 photos... not too shabby considering film is meant to be a dying medium! Join here and upload some 35mm goodness... go on, i dare ya - share the love :)

Some of my favorites from this group pool above. Legs by Margherita Castriota and In the Car by mmmetronomy

Andrew Zuckermans a wordy mofo

I just finished designing issue 2 of Wordy Mofo. I'm telling you people if awesomeness was a Olympic event this online zine would win gold! Its not too often these days you can pick up a magazine and actually find value (not PR driven fluff) on every page you turn too... So you heard me... waist no time about it - Click here to read the latest issue (Yes, its free)

There is a great interview with photographer Andrew Zuckerman... picutred above. Enjoy