Monday, November 8, 2010

Sleep easy...

We can all rest a little easier knowing that Kodak have no plans to be shutting down 35mm and 120 film production anytime soon! In fact they are, and I quote "doing extremely well... it almost feels that there is a very real resurgence for film.” Damn straight there is, although you'd never know it seeing as film is now impossible to buy at the chemist, supermarket not to mention your average corner store... The days of disposable cameras and 35mm film cartridges lining supermarket isles are all but over my friend, unless you have a camera store near by its all about ordering online. For those of you based in Australia this place is a great online resource for ordering film! But if you are a regular buyer of all things film perhaps chat to your local supermarket or chemist about getting those shelves re stocked! Who knows maybe they didnt get the memo about films so called 'resurgence' :)

Read more of the Kodak interview here. At the very least it will make you a little less panicked about films foreseeable future!


  1. ...your pretty rad. any news on polaroid bringin back 600 film??

  2. found this link and thought about your blog good to see you are putting those links to use.