Thursday, November 4, 2010

Its time to take a trip

I own plenty of vintage cameras... Polaroid EE66's, EE44's, 600s, mini portraits and SX-70s, I own Eastman Kodak's, Lomo's, Diana's and Holga's not to mention a Pentax MZ50... but one camera I don't have and have always wanted - a Olympus Trip... Seems like every time I stumble across a amazing photo lately its taken on a Olympus trip.

I'm currently bidding on a few on Ebay so fingers crossed Ill be the proud owner of a new (and when i say new) I mean old camera soon :)


  1. happy bidding. those things are the BEST!

  2. i have been trying to bid on them since march. always lost out :( best of luck! i am going to try again soon!

  3. I have one Smoph!
    Best camera I ever had! Woohooo!

  4. Soph,

    Bought an Olympus Trip in 1984, it still may be lying around somewhere. Ask Bonj if she still has it.... probably not....