Friday, January 30, 2009

Where has all the Gen. Y love gone...

I know this has little, OK OK, nothing, to do with photography, but where has all the Generation Y love gone I ask you? I'll throw it out there, and make the rash generalisation that most of you reading this here blog are Gen Y'ers. Your Internet savvy, you like to travel while still remaining goal orientated... However team the beuru of statistics officially recognising the new "iGen" (those who turn 17 this year and younger) with the current economic climate and you have a whole lot of humans turning on Gen Y, calling us selfish and spoilt and "unable to cope" with the current financial predicament the world has suddenly found itself in because we've had, and I'm paraphrasing here, such a sweet ride for so long.

Apparently we wouldn't know hard times if it jumped up bit us on the arse, yet the media wastes no time painting a clear picture of the "iGen" with the sun shining out of... well... where the sun don't shine deeming them better equipped to deal with life because they lived through a "recession". Since when have you "lived" by the sweet and tender age of 17 when mum is still making your bed and ironing your undies?

It may have been 1987 and I may have been 5 the last time the world was in such distress, but because I didn't have my head buried in the latest Sportsgirl catalogue or was zoning out on my ipod, the residual effects of my parents loosing there business and home have stayed with me and dare I say shaped what I deem to be a strong work ethic.

So what if I love to travel? And who the hell cares if I don't stay in a job for longer than 18 months.... The way I see it for 18 months I work hard for my money and i like to think i do my job well, better that than my enthusiasm and productivity dwindling as the years pass on don't you think?

I just don't understand how us so called Gen Y'ers, got labelled spoilt up against the iGeneration? I mean really? how the f**k did the media misconstrue that puppy? Granted we didn't have to battle for our education by clambering 20 miles through the snow just to get to school, but we wern't born into a age of tivo, ipods and massive idiotic consumerism either....

So again i ask, where has all the Gen Y love gone?

Awesome photos by Daniella Adams

Something you'd expect to see in a down to earth travel guide or Surrey Hills photographic exhibition, when in fact, I stumbles across these on my friend Danni's Face book page and they were just too beautiful not to share.

Breaking news. Polaroid sells for 42 million

The idiot company "Peters Group World wide" largely responsible for running Polaroid into the ground (it lost over 200 million dollars since Peters took the brand over in 2005) Has been sold to a Luxembourg-based private equity firm.

Click here for the full story on the Boston

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I think Jen Gotch is Great and so will you...

For all the complaining we do about technology, (it makes our hand writing lazy and our eyes square) you've got to love how it opens doors to artists you'd be non the wiser of with out it.... Sure I know a lot of photographers... I read about them in books, go to their exhibitions, hear about them through friends, but never would I have stumbled across the sheer randomness that is Jen Gotch if it wasn't for the world wide web.

This crazy cat can make your big toe look pretty... not that she's in the habit of shooting big toes - natural light, daily life and random dolls dressed as 50's housewives seem to be more her thing, and who doesn't love a 50's housewife

Click here to alight your senses. 

Monday, January 26, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Impossible Project

The faces behind the Project. These are the men responsible for saving Polaroid film (Thats Florian top row, front and centre)... and I'm here to tell you they have recently launched their website called Project Impossible.... Not only does this site look the goods (kudos to the designer who ever you are) but just browsing through the pages you cant help but think "By god people this might just work!!!"

There's a short version of every story, and this particular stories short version is that, just like Obama, the crew leading The Impossible Project are seeking your help, your advice, you're two cents worth... so click here to find out more.


Smile! Polaroid is saved

Everyone can sit back, relax, hell grab a alcoholic beverage to celebrate and take a big sigh of relief, Polaroid film is saved!

A lovely Austrian artist/businessman (who says you cant be both) has ridden in on his white horse and rescued the damzel in distress that was polaroid Film. Mr Florian Kaps, 39, says "The project is more than a business plan, Its a fight against the idea that everything has to die when it doesnt create turnover" Hells yeah Mr Kaps, I couldnt agree with you more!

To find out more about this lovely specimen of a human being click here to get to another one of his pet projects which is attempting to build the "Biggest Polaroid Picture Collection on the planet"(currently 193,623 shots have been uploaded). Sign up to become a member and you can even make your own contribution to the growing archive that is the awesomeness of polaroid film! There is also monthly "Projects" to be completed  for those that like a challenge and prizes to be won if your Polaroid comes up trumps...

Click here to read the whole article published by the Independant in London

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman... The First Lady of the United States...

Just quietly, when was the last time you saw the first lady, any first lady, throw out a shaka and a peace sign, all in the same day?

Love it!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

oh the excitement of a new camera....

And when i say new, I of course mean old....  who needs 3 inch display screens, mega pixels and shiny shiny silver casings, when you could have a AGFA ISO Rapid IF, albeit a purple one - that's right you heard me! PURPLE! and made in Germany... The Rapid IF has basically done for cameras what transformers did for robots... made them all raw and cool again.
now if only i could find some 35mm cassettes I'd be well on my way....

Got Milk?

For a daily dose of calcium and some more holga love like the shot above click here to get to MILKID

Friday, January 16, 2009

Scott Hammond. Another dedicated Polographer

Scott Hammod is yet another photographer doing the Polaroid medium proud... with shots like this floating around who on earth would want to axe the production of polaroid film, I mean really! what were they thinking! click here to get to a lovely road lined with a good 6 years of his handy work, a stunning look at middle America...

The world is almost out of Polaroid Film...

Some say relax there is enough film to last until the end of the 2011 financial year... while those that linger on the not so optimistic side of the fence think thats a load of B.S and are busy buying up big... Yet to make up your own mind click here for projected Polaroid film availability.

I heart looking down...

Its not like i have this weird foot fetish or anything like that, but for some reason when i have a camera in my hand and film to burn i cant help but look down.....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

irene suchocki. A Beautiful Mind

Candian Irene Suchokci has one hell of a trigger finger. If your about done soaking up her handy work above click here to be taken to a wonderful land where you can buy her prints to hang in your very own lounge room. I'm hoping to score 5 minutes with the woman herself sometime soon so stay tunned.

Milk! Magazine

A French kids magazine more stylish than any adult couterpart on the market today... My french is not the best, and when i say not the best i mean its strictly limited to "Bonjour" and "je `taime" the two words I managed to pick up from my one time flat mate Fred the French Man... lucky for Milk its so god damn pretty to look at who gives a rats if you cant read it. Not one to hold another back, if you think you french is up to it click here to find out more

Phil Gallagher. Surf Photographer. Crazy Cat

Isn't it nice when you come across people you knew when you were younger doing so well.

Click here to check out Phil Gallagher's photographic efforts. This crazy cat has done it all.... Chased waves around the world, people about town and vintage t-shirts across America.... that right there gets you all kinds of intrigued now doesn't it. He's also just put out a book, DLUX, this large looming black thing brimming with over 200 photos with a gold foil front cover that would make any graphic designer swoon could be yours for just 64 bucks.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Save polaroid film

Back in 2008 some clown at the Polaroid factory got together with some fool in accounts and decided to rip off the general public. Deprive us forever of the beauty of Polaroid film. There is no official word yet from Polaroid on when supplies will run out, but their two biggest stockists, Big W and K mart have ceased orders... so its not looking good kids!

Its not all bad news though, click here and you'll be transported to the wonderful world of where you can do a myriad of things like learn all about the history of Polaroid film (not as boring as it sounds), submit your Polaroids/share your stories and, most importantly write to manufactures and beg them to pick up the license to produce the film. Get down on your hands and knees and beg if you have too, sell your soul to the devil, do a rain dance... howl at the moon... hug a tree... you get the picture.

allow me to introduce myself

so if a photo tells a 1000 words one might ascertain from the Polaroid above that I like gum boots, sporting my Nonno's flannel shirts and standing in wood chip bins in my spare time. On closer inspection you might come to realize i also appear to like drawing on things with a purple poska, and of course taking photos.

not exactly 1000 words but that, my friend is me in a nutshell.