Friday, January 23, 2009

Smile! Polaroid is saved

Everyone can sit back, relax, hell grab a alcoholic beverage to celebrate and take a big sigh of relief, Polaroid film is saved!

A lovely Austrian artist/businessman (who says you cant be both) has ridden in on his white horse and rescued the damzel in distress that was polaroid Film. Mr Florian Kaps, 39, says "The project is more than a business plan, Its a fight against the idea that everything has to die when it doesnt create turnover" Hells yeah Mr Kaps, I couldnt agree with you more!

To find out more about this lovely specimen of a human being click here to get to another one of his pet projects which is attempting to build the "Biggest Polaroid Picture Collection on the planet"(currently 193,623 shots have been uploaded). Sign up to become a member and you can even make your own contribution to the growing archive that is the awesomeness of polaroid film! There is also monthly "Projects" to be completed  for those that like a challenge and prizes to be won if your Polaroid comes up trumps...

Click here to read the whole article published by the Independant in London

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