Friday, January 30, 2009

Where has all the Gen. Y love gone...

I know this has little, OK OK, nothing, to do with photography, but where has all the Generation Y love gone I ask you? I'll throw it out there, and make the rash generalisation that most of you reading this here blog are Gen Y'ers. Your Internet savvy, you like to travel while still remaining goal orientated... However team the beuru of statistics officially recognising the new "iGen" (those who turn 17 this year and younger) with the current economic climate and you have a whole lot of humans turning on Gen Y, calling us selfish and spoilt and "unable to cope" with the current financial predicament the world has suddenly found itself in because we've had, and I'm paraphrasing here, such a sweet ride for so long.

Apparently we wouldn't know hard times if it jumped up bit us on the arse, yet the media wastes no time painting a clear picture of the "iGen" with the sun shining out of... well... where the sun don't shine deeming them better equipped to deal with life because they lived through a "recession". Since when have you "lived" by the sweet and tender age of 17 when mum is still making your bed and ironing your undies?

It may have been 1987 and I may have been 5 the last time the world was in such distress, but because I didn't have my head buried in the latest Sportsgirl catalogue or was zoning out on my ipod, the residual effects of my parents loosing there business and home have stayed with me and dare I say shaped what I deem to be a strong work ethic.

So what if I love to travel? And who the hell cares if I don't stay in a job for longer than 18 months.... The way I see it for 18 months I work hard for my money and i like to think i do my job well, better that than my enthusiasm and productivity dwindling as the years pass on don't you think?

I just don't understand how us so called Gen Y'ers, got labelled spoilt up against the iGeneration? I mean really? how the f**k did the media misconstrue that puppy? Granted we didn't have to battle for our education by clambering 20 miles through the snow just to get to school, but we wern't born into a age of tivo, ipods and massive idiotic consumerism either....

So again i ask, where has all the Gen Y love gone?

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