Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hey You! Penis!

Yep... attention grabbing headline isnt it! Penis! kind of just catches your eye dont it!

I have been leaving cameras tied to trees and benches for years! I ask people to take a photo - to think outside the square and be creative so I'm almost surprised it has taken 3 years for me to get my first photo of a penis... sure people have taken photos of there backsides before, maybe even stuck the odd finger up (at the camera not the arse) but never before has someone taken a photo of their shall we say 'not so privates'... who ever you are random stranger from falls festival - your dick is now online for the world to see!

Oh and It just so happens there are 4 other rolls of perfectly PG and perfectly wonderful photos taken by complete random strangers online too, like the festival fairy above. Click here to be taken straight to the 2010/2011 falls festival albums... oh and if you are under the age of 15, are not accompanied by a adult perhaps close your eyes when you get half way through camera 9!

1 comment:

  1. Haha! I looked through all these last night and didn't even notice!