Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Golden Half is coming to Australia...

Last week I stumbled across the golden Half camera, I'm so in love with it Ive already blogged about it here and here, I'm telling you people if we are talking lo-fi photography here and Disposable cameras are the new Polaroid then the Golden Half is the new Holga!

For a plastic camera they are pretty bloody pricey though... AU$115, but turn that frown upside down my friends, Ive been researching my butt off the last few days and found a wholesale distributor and plan on buying some in bulk in the coming months and will set up a online store on my website here! And i promise they'll be alot cheaper than AU$155 big ones!

Just looking at the shots above found here on this Flickr pool me thinks a light weight camera like this would be amazing for travel. A 36 roll of 35mm film gets you 72 shots! Just imagine your hanging around Pyramids for the day in down town Cairo, you take a close up detail shot and a contrasting landscape shot and POW two super rad compositions on the one 4x7 frame!


  1. These are sweet, I have been using one! Not sure if you have ever seen this site, thought you may like http://raymondmolinar.blogspot.com/

  2. ooohh really where did you get yours? Ill be in singapore next week so plan to pic one up but i really want toimport a few and sell them from my site!!! would love to see some of your results!

    will check out that blog thanks! x

  3. Those pictures are awesome! I love the colors! I wish I had that camera in Costa Rica! :)

  4. We took it for a run here: http://blog.co-opstoreonline.com/2009/03/26/68/