Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hey you! Call to action...

Hello fellow readers. This is a marginally desperate call to action, We have had loads of interest in Hey You! Say Cheese! going national in full rainbow style... The final details will be posted here and on Flickr by the end of this week.

What I can tell you now is each disposable camera will be assigned a colour (taken from the Polaroid rainbow stripe) To save on postage each camera will also be assigned a country, with only the last person on the list forking out to have it sent back here to Australia. We have loads and loads of Aussies willing to partake not to mention a few yanks and poms but we need MORE...

If your reading this and live somewhere other than this tiny island known as Australia then I'm talking to you... Fwd a link to this story to all your creative type friends and ask them to jump on the disposable bandwagon!

Click here to send me a email and express your interest, just a simple "I'm in" will do and Ill get in contact with you from there.


  1. call me in, the netherlands are joining!!!

  2. wow! the response has been awesome dudes, another 30 people signed up today, but keep them coming 12 cameras... 24 hots a camera... 1 shot per person.... you do that math :) xx

  3. thanks anon. drop me a email from my website so i can add you to the mailing list :)