Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hey you say cheese goes national - You want in?

You all know I'm a huge fan of disposable cameras, Ive blogged about them here, here and here and I'm telling you people in 10 to 15 years time they'll be the new Polaroid, so jump on this bandwagon now if you dare.

Matt, a creative type of fellow that reads this blog made a comment on my Photo Trade post the other day that said something along the lines of "Hows about we kick off a Australian version of the photo trade" We've exchanged a couple of emails on the matter and its kind of evolved into some kind of beautiful mash of the Photo Trade, my Hey You Say Cheese Disposable camera project and gosh knows what else....

We are yet to iron out the finer details but essentially it looks like its going to involve disposable cameras, each of which will have a different theme, that will either be sent to a registered group of people around the country to each take one photo with before they pass it on....

or as Matt suggested we could have one disposable camera per team and the first person takes 12 photos of god knows what sends the camera along with a list of those 12 things to their team mate to take the other 12 shots.. the idea being we'll have two photos of each thing/theme on each roll of film but totally different interpretations by two completely different photographers...

Another Idea would be to assign each disposable camera a colour and each person that gets the camera has to take one photo of something that is predominately that colour, we'd have a literal rainbow of images that would just be beautiful to flick through....

I'm leaning more towards the first Idea... but with the color theme thrown in the mix! What do you guys think? The Idea was to keep it local, but if you live somewhere other than sunny Australia, really want to be involved and are willing to ship the camera to or from your current location then I don't see why not... the more the merrier I say!


  1. that sounds like a marvelous idea, i am all the way in florida so shipping may be really expensive. but maybe have diffrent areas go out and pass along the camera localy and all submit them to one site. just an idea but either way i'd love to see images from the project. sounds sweet.

  2. This is such a fabulous idea! But I worry about shipping like the above poster does to, as I'm up in Canada.

  3. hi! i'm local and hells yeah i'd want in, how do i sign up?
    all three ideas sound great by the way. i can't decide on which is most rad.

  4. thanks for your comments guys! maybe we could send a camera to each country, for example the red camera could do the rounds of amercia, green for canada etc etc etc... which means only the last person would have to ship it to australia... thoughts? x

  5. hey, that sounds great, i'm in australia, and i'd love to be in...i like the 1/2 1/2 idea, 12 / 12 with the some shots, different interpretations.

  6. I would totally be up for that! I already use disposables any chance I get so this sounds perfect. I like both options, how do we sign up?

  7. hello lovely people who have taken the time to post a comment to this story. If you are keen to be involved drop me a line at killallartists@unwired.com.au so I have your email addy and can add you to the mailing list!
    soph xx