Friday, April 17, 2009

Hey You! Say Cheese! Disposable camera. 2

One blue sky sunshiney day this past  Easter long weekend I tied a disposable camera to a tree, on the beach in beautiful, but ridiculously over crowded, Byron Bay. I've pulled stunts like this before and Ive got to say people, I'm continually impressed with the level of participation, your compositions and general willingness to have a go, get involved, have some fun - that type of thing.... 

I have a invite to the opening of the Glory Holes Exhibition coming up at the Monster Children Gallery sitting on my desk so I'm thinking this might be a fun spot to leave my next camera.... Creative types, random art and large amounts of booze - what could possibly go wrong! 

In the mean time, enjoy the Byron Bay results by clicking here... actually just to mix things up Click here instead. 


  1. hey Soph, awsm blog dude! and mad, mad idea.. i love the disposable randomness!!! and definately think you will get some sweet pics if you leave the camera in the hands of a creative crowd.. especially if there's free booze!!!

    richie (mania!!)