Monday, April 20, 2009

Monster Children Photo Issue: Calls for entry

Man I love creative involvement, The dudes over at Monster Children Magazine are looking for anyone, and that anyone could mean you, to be apart of their Photo Issue.

All you have to do is take a photo at exactly 3pm this coming Saturday the 25th April. It can be of anything, anywhere around the world. Wherever you are at that time... There is no lame arse restrictions like digital only so pick up your Polaroid cameras, put a reminder in your phone, because, lets face it, us creative types tend to be a little forgetful, not to mention lax with our time and prepare to hit the streets this coming Saturday.

Email the photo (as a jpeg, under 4mb) to chris[at]monsterchildren[dot]com with the following info: Name, Location, 50 words or less explaining the photo and your own website. 

While common sense tells you not every image is guaranteed to be published, who bloody cares right? The main thing is your out there taking photos - Pretty tidy way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon if you ask me.

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