Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Polaroid 452 Miniportrait

These puppies appear to be as rare as hens teeth! I've never seen one come up on EBay Australia, and if your lucky enough to stumble across one of EBay America its always missing a back or a lens cap or something that deters me from parting with my hard earned cash....

If any ones got one of these lying around at home I;d be happy to take it off your hands!


  1. the one I got is also missing its lens caps, really hard to find one that is all the way complete I think, I gues most people threw the caps away after taking the camera out of its box the first time.
    I bougth it together wit a newer 403 miniportrait. And the coolest feature of the oldy ofcourse is its onboard measuring tape..

  2. hi there i got one of these it still in good condition and i got all the 4 lens caps and 2 film holders i bought this a few years ago from the states . any hints what they sell for ?