Friday, April 3, 2009

Ruby Tuesday. Never Never Land

I'm forever yapping on about Peter Pan syndrome... tackling life with childish enthusiasm... living for nothing but pure unadulterated fun... Its a nice way to live, who am I kidding? "Nice" is a weak adjective... it's a fantastic way to live...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the morning with one of my best friends, who, a few short years ago was promoted to sister in law when my brother threw a grape at her and fell in love (but that's another story) She of course bought with her my adorable niece and nephew who are childish enthusiasm personified.

Harrison is just a little bundle of speed and energy and has a smile for everyone from his mum to the random stranger at our local coffee house, a trait I dearly hope he carries through out life. Ruby loves rings on her toes, pigtails in here hair and will happily spend 15 minutes in a corner having a very animated conversation with a bunch of balloons. She also loves spiders.... which brings me back to the whole childhood enthusiasm thing... at what age does fascination get replaced with fear - and why?

As Kris and I sat and chatted over a cup of tea Ruby came charging out of my room draped head to toe in every accessory I own, including two very strategically placed clip on earrings attached to the kangaroo pocket on her hoodie... You've gotta hand it to the kid, at 2 and a half, she has a style all of her own.

The photo above left was taken with my Amigo 610 with a Sylvania 600 flash bulb and the one on the right was shot with my Looney Tune Special Editon Polaroid which has a automatic flash which I find doesn't come out as sharp - bring back the flash bulb I say... hell - bring back the polaroid while you are at it!


  1. Awww shucks Dude! You should've heard Ruby break into a shy giggle as she peeked over my shoulder at her own image posted here.... Then precisly one second later she points to the screen wide-eyed and singsongs "oooh aunty sophie's pwiity neck-lace...can Ruby hav dat??" Heheh true to form as always!

  2. you really have great photos!