Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hola Amigo 610

I just acquired, as in picked up on eBay a new Polaroid "Amigo 610" camera.... and I'm pretty excited about it! Granted its not the prettiest kid about town, but with a name like "Amigo" whats not to love?

Right off the bat it conjures up images of afternoon cervezas, long treks through the desert amongst Mayan ruins... casting for bait fish off-a the coast of Puerto Penasco. Mexico and south America have long been on my list of places to get to, last year, having crossed off Asia, Africa and the middle east off my list (and by no means does "crossed off" indicate i wont be going back) I now have Mexico set in my sights (well after my trip to Nepal in October anyway) and rest assured my Amigo 610 will be coming with me.

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