Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank You Technology

Thanks to the lovely people at Stat Counter and countless other human type people that contribute to the world of ever evolving technology I can click on a little button and a map comes up on screen pin pointing the state and/or country of origin of my readers. 

Not only is this pretty damn cool  even by James Deans books, its also nice to know, well not know but be reassured that photography, creativity or a simple love of Polaroid film is universal and transcends the boarders of Iran, Poland, Korea and Mexico... Just to name a few... makes you all kind of warm and fuzzy inside don't it. 

1 comment:

  1. wooo, gonna get me one of those...although theres a good chance all the pink dots are gonna be over australia
    Yeh im hanging photos that are already up on the blog, mostly the ones from my trip, but ill take some photos of the exhibition and put them up too...enjoy the blues!