Monday, March 23, 2009

Good times. Great Music

I caught up with a friend for a quiet beer on Friday night.... No huge plans other than to sink into one of the old club lounges at my favorite bar on Broadway and have a few laughs over a few beers and a wonderfully retro coffee table... So when the night randomly took us to CW Stoneking at the Enmore Theatre for his "Love me or Die" tour and I saw not one but two awesome bands... well... needless to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Ive seen C W before and dig his sound but the real surprise this time around was his support act, Mamie Minch who emerged out of the dark to bring the house down with her raw vocals, blues ballads and Memphis Mimmie sound.

The shots above were taken with my Taz 600 Special Edition Polaroid. I love the two photos above.... although I cant reasonably take credit for the second shot as it was the soul sitting next to me that managed to captured Mamie, not to mention our feet emerging from the darkness that is the Enmore Theatre.

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