Monday, March 30, 2009

Special Edition Polaroid Cameras

We all love a good Polaroid camera, that is of course why you are here... and I've blogged before about various Special Edition Polaroids, first there was the Legoland, then Taz the Looney Tune Polaroid, we've all seen a Barbie edition floating around and marvelled at the "cool cams" not to mention shaken our heads in shame at the Spice Girls Edition - that should of tipped us off right there Polaroid was in trouble...

But now, just when I thought that was it... what else could the lovely people at Polaroid have to offer, I stumble across these two beauty's, above, on eBay.... Ive never seen a HBO Video Special Edition Polaroid before, let alone a McDonald's one - both from a time in the 80's when advertising and marketing where boom industries - you know... back when it was tough to find a sporting event sans Winfield Blue sponsor ship, Naomi Camble didn't get out of bed for less than $10,000 and time wasters the world over rejoiced in the introduction of the Rubik's Cube and The Slinky.

Companies were blowing big dollars on Marketing and Advertisers, who in turn blew big dollars up their noses, branding was the new thing and partnerships were made and logos slapped on anything that made your company raw and cool again. Enter Polaroid teaming up with HBO Video and McDonald's... Well that's my theory anyway.

I'm currently bidding on both cameras, fingers crossed! Click here to visit czengol's eBay America store for more great Polaroid finds.

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  1. Hi there. I know this is a fairly old post, but I recently came across one of these in perfect condition. (The HBO one) Would you be interested in purchasing it? If so, contact me at