Tuesday, March 10, 2009

peter pan syndrome Part 2

A month or two ago I wrote about the joys of child hood in Peter Pan Syndrome... you know back when tying one of mums tea towels around your neck and wearing your undies on the outside meant you were superman... I couldn't help but wonder why the hell, as adults, we somehow stop living like that?

Granted wearing your undies on the outside might be frowned upon in certain social circles but tackling every day with childish enthusiasm certainly is not.....

Keeping all things Peter Pan'ish in mind (as you do) the boyfriend and I had a dinner party on Friday night for a few of our lovely friends... The word dinner party normally conjures up all kinds of adult type scenarios don't it? Crystal stemware and es cargo? table settings, 3 course meals and your Friday night best... but where is the fun in conforming to those adult type scenarios i ask you?

We traded the Crystal stemware and es cargo for Dodgy Mexican cerveza and home made pizzas. Forfeited the three course meal and fancy table settings... hell we even got rid of the table and took up residence on the lounge room floor and best of all our Friday night best's we're swapped for our god damn Pyjamas amongst games of Pictionary..... that's right, you heard me! We had a PJ Party and by god it was fun!

Alcohol content aside it was essentially just like when we were kids. We sat about in our Pj's drawing funny pictures and laughing till our stomachs hurt.... and I for one plan to live like that more often!