Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tie dye is to die for

Recently I went back home for a wedding... I spent the better half of Sunday casually ignoring my hang over and cruising the local markets where I stumbled across a lovely gent from Bellingen who spent his days in his back yard tie dying bed sheets to sell at the Jetty markets.

You couldn't help but stop and marvel at the light shining through these beautiful sheets as they blew about in the breeze...We had a nice little chat about his dog and the fine art that is tie dying (he air brushes the finer circles) before I decided to purchase a queen size set of bed sheets to liven up my room.

Despite Vogue Bloggers being somewhat mortified tie dye had made a "comeback" I long ago decided I would never be too young to sport my tie dyed T-Shirt - which funnily enough I also bought in Bellingen over 10 years ago now, so why shouldn't the same rule apply to my bed sheets... who says when your all grown up you've gotta be...well... grown up! Not I!