Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bellingen where my heart is...

After a recent trip back to sunny Coffs Harbour I realised just how much I've been missing the good clean mid north coast air. Do I want to stay in Sydney for ever? No. Do I someday want a holiday house, veggie patch and nice piece of backyard to call my own? Of course. 

So with interest rates down and Kevie O-sevy forking out first home owners grants like they are going out of fashion I figured I'd best get a move on before the moment passed me by... 

I've never been a fan of "new things" when it comes to furniture, dusty old records an second hand books.... So it seems natural i gravitate towards a house that's already seen a lot of living. I like my things to have substance, a history to them and lets face it... they just don't build things like they used to, so when I stumbled across this little gem above in the "old" part of Bellingen on the states mid north coast I was all kind of excited.... at first glance it just felt like home... and with a built in fireplace and floor baords through out... what's not to love?

I realise this is quite possibly the impulse buy to end all impulse buys but hopefully fate is on my side and no one else snaps it up before i can get my pre approved loan approved on Friday! Fingers crossed people.


  1. I grew up in Sawtell so I know how much a person can miss that area. Bellingen is so beautiful... good luck!

  2. thanks matty i lve you photos any chance of a following opt on your page? would love to keep track of your posts

  3. Thanks so much, glad you enjoy them! If you click on "Feed" just under the title you can subscribe to the RSS, or tumblr has a built in follow if you sign up. There's a link to my flickr for non-portrait shots as well :)

  4. oh it's perfection... does it have a friend down the street for me?