Friday, March 6, 2009

Secret garden. Polaroid heaven

This is where I spent sporadic summers crouched under large pine trees with my homemade crossbow (yes crossbow) waiting for the slightest glimmer of movement from the enemy, and when I say enemy I mean my big brother James. 

At the time i was probably only pushing 5 maybe 6 years old and our imaginations would run wild in this mysterious thing called my Nonno's backyard.... The Back Shed was  a scary and exciting place where we would sit for hours playing with non's tools... and off course assembling the aforementioned crossbows...
I remember one day ducking for cover into the chook shed as the enemy closed in fast behind me. I heard the whoosh of his little wooden BBQ skewer fly past my little blond head, only to whip around and realise he'd accidentally shot one of the chooks fare up the backside!

Ahhh the memories... Needless to say our little arsenal of home made weapons were confiscated soon after (Sorry Non)

These Photos were taken on my Polaroid 600 Construction Pro!

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