Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Peter pan syndrome

I thought I'd republish this post as its such a cute polaroid!

Don't you just love dressing up, and when i say dressing up i by no means mean "dressing up" Ive never been one to spend hours curling my hair, powdering my nose and umm'ing and ahh'ing if my shoes match my bag, hell i don't even wear shoes.... I'm talking about the original dressing up... back when tying one of mums tea towels around your neck and running around in your underwear meant you were superman!

Playing dress ups these days, when I'm closer to 30 than 13 transports me back to a time when we were young, care free and attacked everything in life with curiosity and childish enthusiasm, somehow we loose that a little bit as we get older but I'm here to tell you - slip on a pair of ruby slippers, tie a blue ribbon in your hair, jump on your bicycle and go for a cruise and trust me it all comes flooding back again.


  1. ooh I love these, you're right! Shiny shoes are great!! x

  2. It IS such a great polaroid that certainly deserves re-publishing!