Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Polaroid EE44 is driving me crazy!

So is the EE66 for that bloody matter. You see I happen to possess both, well not really possess, that sounds kind of materialistic - they've lived a long and decent life and are just residing with me for the rest of mine, however neither of which are much good to me with out a flash, unless of course its a beautiful sunny summer day riddled with natural light - its not by the way, its the beginnings of winter here in oz right now and Ive just bought some flash cubes of eBay and i cant for the life of me figure out how they work!

Its not like this is some square peg in a round hole type scenario, I've bought the right flash cubes, I even got them shipped here from the UK... and the socket on the side of my EE66 seems to be in working order but no matter how much a jiggle twist push and turn I just cant seem to get the flash cube to firmly attach in the socket so I thought I'd put it to you kind souls... see if anyone could throw some knowledge my way? anyone...?

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  1. The EE66 and the EE44 both need batteries to make the flashcubes work ; )
    if you open the back, where you put the film in, you van lift a little plastic thingie, some kind of rack then tilts forward and you have to put 2 AA batteries in there. Your Polaroid now has the POWAAH to flash

    I hope you can use this information ; )