Friday, June 19, 2009

5 minutes with.... Ryan Tater

Earlier this week I wrote here about the awesomeness that is Ryan Tater, I don't know the dude from a bar of soap but I stumbled across his photos when he started following this here blog and let me tell you he is one hell of a photographer.... he was also kind enough to answer a few questions below. I don't know about you but i think its nice to know a little bit about the soul behind the lens... little things like what kind of camera they use, film they like or just where in the world they come from... so with out further adue, here it goes...
  1. Whatchya name, where you come from and just how long have you been here? Ryan Tatar, I'm 30 (gulp) and from the USA (Just left California for Wilmington, North Carolina)
  2. What are you shooting with these days? Previously a Canon Rebel xti. I Recently went all-film. 1971 Canon FTb, 196X Nikonos II 35mm, Holga 120N, Polaroid Land Camera, 196X Olympus Pen EE Half-Frame 35mm
  3. Do you have a favorite film to use? Not really, but definitely cross processing slide film
  4. If you could pick a song that best describes your photos what would it be? Great question. something by the Photographic or the Black Keys maybe. I cant pick a single tune.
  5. Where did u pick up your first camera? From my parents in Michigan back in the day.
I guess there is not much more to say except if you'd like to see more of Ryan's work other than the shots above, you can click here, here and here.

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