Friday, June 12, 2009

How to use a Polaroid Pack Camera

I have a few of these cameras and by god they are tough cookies to get a handle on.... Ive wasted whole packs of film trying to figure out why the hell they keep coming out all black... or all white.... your lighting needs to be spot on if you don't use a flash bulb, and finding a EE66 or a EE44 with out a faulty flash socket is one tough gig my friends (trust me i know!) and then there is getting a handle on the timing... how long do you leave it to develop before peeling back a layer to take a peep... too soon or too long and your image is toast...

I'm slowly getting there and its sites like this one that really help me out! Its a fantastic "how to" for Pack film Polaroids, and given Fuji still makes the film (and have no plans to stop) its a medium i think we should all get behind. Scroll down the bottom and there is a great trouble shooting Q and A as well!

The shot above I stumbled across here on flicker by a creative type that goes by the moniker jonespointfilm... the saturation  of colours and depth in shadow is amazing on this film, he could you not want to know everything about it!

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  1. my photos always get yellow/orange :/ what do I do? Do I have to put the photo on a dark place when it comes out of the Polaroid? That's what I was told to do but it does not seem to work!