Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ryan tater - Surfing in the USA

I gotta tell you people I get all excited when i stumble across photographers like Mike Brodie, Kim the girl behind the amazing Polaroid house and now a one Mr Ryan Tater from a little place called America, They are like freaks of nature from a bygone era except for one tiny insignificant little detail. They are from the here and now... choosing to embrace film in a world that's walked swiftly in the opposite direction and smack bang into the arms of the digital revolution.

Ryan's shots have a depth and warmth to them you don't often see in surf photography these days, where every line is sharp and every drop of water is crystal clear... His compositions are a thing of beauty and his penchant for shooting vintage cars is a nice reminder to us all to get back to the simple life... a life before electric windows and leather seats, back to a time when it was about the journey not to mention peeling your arse off a vinyl seat on a hot summers day.

Sure I love my Canon G9 and my iPhone comes in pretty damn handy most days, I'm not dissing technology, I'm just saying its photos like these that remind you you can have both, The old saying you cant ride two horses with one arse just does not apply here people, Next time you go to a party, sure, take your digital, but next time you go the beach do yourself a favour, find some film and take your Polaroid, or 35mm if that's what does it for can have your cake and eat it too, so enjoy :)

You can follow what Ryans up to here on his blog, or if you happen to find yourself in sunny New Jersey on July 4 you can check out his exhibition "Cape Fear Kooks" at the Lightly Salted Surf Macado in Asbury park!