Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Adie loves Polly.

Sometime last week I wrote that your never too young to take your first photo, which was inspired by photographer Chris Searl teaching his 20 month old son how to use his Canon G10 and the resulting strangely wonderful and wonderfully strange compositions can be seen here.

You've gotta admit, firing off your first shots at the tender age of two is pretty damn impressive, whats more impressive is Adie. Adie is four years old, has her own Polaroid affectionately named Polly and her own blog to showcase the fruits of her labor to the world... sure it helps that her mums master photographer Jen Altmen, but the photos themselves, dreamy compositions and expert use of light are all Adie (and remember Adie is only 4!) Click here to see more and prepare yourself to be suitably impressed

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