Monday, June 29, 2009

Hunting Party...

A few months ago I wrote here about the fun of second hand shopping being spoiled rotten (and not in a good way) by over priced city stores and the treasures that can be found out side of the city limits! I also talked here about my sadness of all things photography going digital. A friend of mine, we'll call her Katie, because, well, that's her real name, is a shining light amongst both those stories! 

On one such south coast adventure we all went a hunting! Racing all over town trying to navigate our way from one small town garage sale to the next, trying to find treasures where others saw trash. Katie hit the jackpot when she stumbled across a Polaroid 1000 Land camera, you know the ones, white with the rainbow stripe down one side and little green button that takes SX-70 film? Granted it was a little grubby and in need of some love but in case you cant tell from the photo above, Katie was just the person to supply that love.

To think someone elses "Trash" could produce such a stunning photo, sure it helps the subjects are two of the most beautiful souls you'll ever come across but some tweaking of some Polaroid 600 Film to fit the SX-70 format helped too! You can learn how to convert your 600 cartridge here...

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