Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Love Daisy's (& Vintage Dresses)

Its sunday, the weather is miserable and a great day to stay in doors and drink green tea so I thought Id share this little story below i wrote a few months ago for you to read while your at it...

This particular weekend was spent in Mollymook, a quiet little beach side village no more than 4 hours south of Sydney. I'm no stranger to this part of the world as its been a favorite camping destination for years... Once our tents are up and there is air in the mattresses the rest of the day usually consists of long expeditions into the bush in search of firewood, fresh fish purchases from the local jetty followed by grand explorification of the surrounding towns... as such, my friends and I have come to know every second hand store, vintage shop and antique dumping ground in a 100km radius.

The vintage finds around the area are glorious.... Its a return to the good old days before vintage became trendy and all of a sudden I was paying $22 for a ceramic monkey as opposed to $2! Unlike Sydney where its tough to find a decent evening dress for less than $150 the beautiful town of Ulladullah offers such gems as the ones above for no more than 30 bucks... well that's a lie, the one second from the right was actually $42, but still, nothing to turn your nose up at.

In this part of the world the thrill of vintage shopping is back, and in a big way - It's the thrill of this search, the joy of rummaging through 100's of Vinyl records to find that rare Johnny Cash Classic, the elation of flicking through racks of vintage dresses to find that perfect fit is what its all about... Its not about being in Vogue or "on trend" it's about stumbling across something uniquely different that no one else has, something that's already lived a long life and seen a lot of years with the person that owned the aforementioned ceramic monkey, loved listening to johnny cash or wore that dress before you.

Its exciting its about to take on a whole other life with you too.

Combine this love of vintage with a love of daisy's and I'm' here to tell you I had one hell of a wonderful weekend. When I was little I had a pet cow called Daisy, If i ever choose to utilise my ability to make humans my daughter will bare the name and I own countless daisy brooches bought on eBay... so when I found 2 new (as in very very old) dresses, above, covered in daisy's and everywhere I walked there were Daisy's crawling along concrete footpaths - evidence of a summer just gone... well, everything was just coming up Sophie.

I hope you had a glorious weekend too!

The photos above were taken with my Taz 600 Special edition Polaroid which was only its second outing since I bought him and I'm happy to report despite pushing 15 odd years in age he handles quite well.


  1. awww bobo it was def not the same with out you... just ask minty how many times i cried out from the change room "i wish bowen was here" It was lots i tell you!

  2. very nice! always enjoyed your site. i head north and you south - we have it all covered :)

  3. You rock your blog! Next time you in Ulladulah can you go and vintage-surf a wave for me. I had my first surf of the year two weeks ago in Sicily... in Sicily hahahah!! surf's become like a vintage hobbie for this little Fonzie nowadays... stored deep down in a little corner somewhere in the Pacific waiting to be found and rediscover its joys once again.