Sunday, August 8, 2010

Meet Alex & Mina

They quit there jobs, sold their house and bid the motherland farewell to spend their days traveling the globe and taking some pretty fabulous photos while they are at it... most notably with a Polaroid 600 and a lomo... Seeing as the boyfriend and I will be doing...well... pretty much the exact same thing next year my vintage felt fedora goes off to you guys!

To check out some pretty great travel photography click here to be taken to their travelogue sending postcards...

The photo above reminds me of the last time I was in Egypt... Seems there is a lot of that going on this month as it was only last week Matt Kovaks sent me these amazing lomo shots of his jaunt via the pyramids! The funny thing about all these photos is you take one look at them and walk away thinking that these alien like structures are stranded in the middle of the gosh darn desert when really the city of Cairo is only a sand dune away and the best view of all three pyramids is from the second floor of the pizza hut in down town Cairo... but that's Egypt for you!

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