Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The good old days

Say hello to the very first instant camera, the Polaroid Model 95. Pretty basic huh, and when I say basic, I mean freak'n awesome, since when did basic begin to carry a negative connotation i wonder?

You see, when I say basic I mean load film, take aim and shoot.... no hi tech light levels, pixel definitions, "night time" "party" or "kids and pets" settings....just some of the features of my cannon G9 - I'm not saying I don't utilise these features, I often turn to them when shooting at night or taking photos of my niece and nephew on the run, but I also long for the days when things were simpler, when it was all about pointing and shooting and asking questions later... or not asking questions at all...just being happy with what you have.

There is a ad doing the rounds of prime time television at the moment, that says something along the lines of "do you remember the days when life was simple, before you had 9 different passwords and apple juice only had one ingredient". I don't know about you but i long for those days... granted i was about 8, but i long for them all the same!

Bare with me - i do indeed have a point... or at least i think i do....

Upon viewing the rather large stack of Polaroids on my desk awaiting to be scanned a colleague asked "why do you bother? - why not just shoot digital if you are going to take so many" Granted, she's right, I could take less Polaroids, spend more time composing others... treat them a little less like digital photos... but the idea of not taking them at all, well, I'd never entertain such a proposal - and why is that?

Because I good and proper love the simplicity of it all, nay the beauty in the simplicity in it all, and that right there is my point :)

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