Monday, August 30, 2010

365 Days of greatful

When I first read about Hailey, a Brisbane photographer who, after some deep and meaningful's with a nun, decided to take a Polaroid a day for a year of the things she was grateful for and keep a diary of the whole experience - I thought what a rad idea... I want to do that... My friend Bobo already had plans to do a similar thing...

I'm not sure how Bobo is going but come new years day, day 1 for this little project I was too hung over to even locate my camera... 2 more days go by while I was busy at my Nonna's doing all the things she is now too old to do... folding washing, raking lawns.... refilling the kitty litter, while I'm sure these activities in the service of Non would have made great Polaroids life just got away from me a little bit and by the time the Christmas hols were over it just seemed too late to start.

Dont worry - I'm not a total lazy good for nothing, I did manage to keep my other new years resolution, which was to start this here blog on all things photography, and this in turn has inspired me to return to looking at life through the lens more often... taking more photos and sharing them right here with you.... (awww)

If you want to check out Hailey's 365 days of grateful look up, to see the remaining 363 click here & be taken to her beautiful Polaroid inspired website, where you will find not only this project but many many more images to marvel at... Hats off to you Hailey - you are one clever cat!


  1. Oh nooo... sadly, I struggled to keep it going after I got back from Canada... though have figured out my problem. I was trying to use all of my cameras, my brownie, konica, polaroid, etc, and it just got too hard and confusing trying to keep up with what I took each day with getting films developed! So I've decided to start from scratch again, polaroids only so they go straight in the book - and you just gave me the kick up the bum I needed to do it. Starting on Zaggy's birthday next week for a year. Guess what's he'll be getting for his birthday present in 2010 ;) Bobo xx

  2. haha! thats awesome! I cant wait to see the shot of zaggy a year later... compare and contrast the boyfriends aging! hehe!

    Once you get started email me your faves to post on here :)