Monday, March 22, 2010

How to load 600 film into your SX70 Polaroid

Loading 600 film into a Polaroid SX-70 from dotsara on Vimeo

I published this post a while ago, nearly a year in fact but it is still one of the most googled questions and the page that scores the most hits on my blog, You guys sure love a good how to! According to some of the comments below the link is now broken so ive pasted a vido above... This is one of two ways you can sneak a pack of 600 film into your SX70 you can find out the other way here

Read my original post below....

I just got a new sonar SX70, when I say new i mean old... I just converted it to take 6oo and thought Id re-post this for anyone who wants to do the same!

Lets not kid ourselves these be tough financial times we are in and none of us can afford to be battling it out on EBay with some random stranger that goes by the name of *cutesy__mcboo82* for 1 teeny tiny pack of SX-70 film... before you know it the clocks struck midnight and your sitting bleary eyed at your desk, staring blankly at your laptop ,wondering just how exactly you got stuck in a bidding war that ended up with you paying $98 for 10 shots of SX-70 while *cutesy__mcboo82* gets of Scot free!

With this in mind allow me to offer a alternative... Click here to be taken to the Polaroid Website, while keeping in mind we hate them for taking away our beloved film, they have at least been kind enough to offer step by step instructions on how to adapt your SX-70 camera to take 600 Film.


  1. oh no! broken links! i tried the Polaroid link to your instructional piece on adapting sx-70 for 600 film — which is my question of the day today — and it seems the link no longer works.

    can you post these steps instead?

  2. hey you say ..... please can you post the instructions for loadind 600 film into sx-70 unit. the links broken and i need to click click whirrrrr...vos

  3. oh sweet! cutting off those nubs was difficult for me XD

    how are you liking your sonar? i'm thinking of getting one, but alas, i'm a poor college student.

    and hi, i've been following you~
    i like your blogg =)

  4. hi guys! sorry I just saw this will post a new one now! soph x