Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey You! Universe!

Sometime around the middle of August last year I wrote this post, I'd been tying disposable cameras to various tree's and telegraphs poles for about 6 months and I had a hankering to take it to the next level, so with thanks to a dude called Matt we put a question to the universe. We were seeking random strangers to sign their name up to receiving a camera, but not just any camera a disposable Lomo camera....

To cut a long story short about 100 people were assigned to 8 different cameras which in turn were assigned 8 different colors (12 people p/camera) the deal was you took your two photos and passed the camera on to the random stranger below you on the list. The camera's were sent out Sept 10 last year, some were lost to the postal system forever, some made it home and I'm currently waiting two more cameras to make their way back from the UK and the USA before I get them all developed.

It's been 7 long months since i sent the first camera out and i must admit sometimes i forget they are floating about in the universe until today when i got this photo above emailed to me by a lovely stranger called Rodney who resides in Maine, USA... He has just received the camera and it has only 4 more people to get to before it begins its journey back home... I cant wait to see all the results... stay tuned for your own sneak peak... and a BIG THANK YOU to all those who have been involved.


  1. A wonderful project that I was STOKED to be a part of!

  2. I want one, email me at leticiaernestinag@yahoo.com

    denton, tx

  3. What ever did happen to the PINK Australian camera? I was near the end of the list and still haven't received it :(

    but happy the other cameras are out and about

  4. Hi K! sadly the pink one was the one that went missing about person number 5! Will replace it and send another around soon if you are still interested.... might just do it to 6 people this time as its taken 7 months for each camera to get around to 12 people! haha! if your still keen let me know and ill make sure you are first on the list xx

  5. If you have enough interest from people who want to reform the pink camera, i would love to be involved. Otherwise, i happily await the collection of photos from the other cameras :)