Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Anonymous Photo Project

This project is one of my favorites, thought Id take a moment to remind you all it exists!
I first came across them when i was thinking about my latest project "Stranger photos have happened" (inspired by a man called jay) I started looking into this whole random act of kindness/fine art of photography/ethical conundrum all rolled into one type deal and stumbled across the lovely dudes at Anonymous Photo Project.

These guys have taken Jays idea one step further and, much like the book swappers of the early 2000's (come on, how could you forget that craze!) they are not just tying disposable cameras to benches and coming back later with their fingers crossed - no no, they have taken their faith in human decency to a whole other level and are leaving "packages"containing, among other things, disposable cameras for random strangers to stumble across and take where ever they god damn please, shoot the roll of film and then post it back to the lovely people at The Anonymous Project undeveloped.

Each camera has a serial number and you can log on and check out where, (lets just say roll number 126) ended up and what the photos looked like. If this were the Olympics and freak'n awesome social experiments was a event. These guys would win gold! Oh and If your wondering, #126 hasn't come back to them yet but #129 has and its a beauty, the above shots are just a example... I dont know about you, but I want to be friends with the person that hangs out with chickens and then manages to squeeze a spot of sailing all into the one day!

Approx 150 cameras have been sent out into the big bad world and the dudes at Anonymous wager they've only gotten about 25 -35% of those back...

Like to increase those odds? Click here to involve yourself in something a bit bigger than your own backyard.

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