Thursday, March 25, 2010

Polaroid Grid Film...

No no.. its not a typo apparently there is such a thing as Polaroid grid film! According to this website its your average SX-70 film with a pre exposed grid (letters across the top and numbers down the side) on each picture.

I thought this here little grid device was created for artists to recreate there subjects via drawing and painting etc but turns out this film had a much more clinical use... insurance men use it to document claims and shit like that... I don't know about you but my insurance man is not the Polaroid carrying type!

According to the writer of this blog Polaroid Grid film is as rare as hens teeth, so you can imagine how stoked he was to be given a packet by his assistant... Check out the results above or right here...


  1. It's actually Spectra, not Sx-70 film.

    Back in 2008 when they announced that they were no longer making film, I emailed around insurance agents and a couple of police stations to see whether they have any film left over (GEEK). Most of them had converted to digital several years back unfortunately!

    Have you seen the Macro5? Takes Spectra film as well. Dentists used to use those, and they occasionally come up on auction sites here. There are also quite a few passport cameras (the 2- and 4-shot kind). I have one and it's so fun! If a bit clunky.

  2. Hey Teresa I have a Macro 5- They're great cameras. They also made a Macro 3 which is a bit cheaper to get especially on ebay. I also have a few passport cameras. I can't stop collecting!

  3. thanks teresa! wow thats dedication! what a good idea though im sure there are boxes of polaroid film in outback police stations somewhere... they are sitting on a gold mine and dont even know it! I have a mini portrait (takes 4) i LOVE it but am struggling to find lens caps for it! Ive looked on ebay but none ever come up! xx

  4. thats my shot nice one for bloging it..

  5. There's some on ebay at the moment if anyone is interested: