Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So much to see, so little time to see it...

So In preparation for some kind of world adventure otherwise known as life Ive been reading this book at the moment called 500 places to see before they disappear... There is the usual line up of pyramids and temples in there but they also have obscure chapters like "10 classic movie palaces" to see before they fall victim to urban sprawl and a rather large wrecking ball!

Most of these theatres were built in the 20's and reside around the Florida /California parts of America (although the Capri theatre in South Australia and the Coronet theatre in London also crack a mention) These theatres sound amazing, one in particular caught my attention, the Egyptian theatre in Hollywood California... What a amazing place, opened in 1922 and proceeded to host premiere after premiere until 1968, it was closed in 1992 and damaged in the 94 Northbridge earthquake and sat destitute until it was restored in the late 1990's!

Whats this have to do with photography you ask? Well this book has made me realise not only how much there is to see in the world (and take photos of) but how sad it is that it could one day all be gone, or how so much has already come so close to being reduced to ruble before generations get to really appreciate their beauty while looking through a plastic lens... there are just some amazing photos out there waiting to be taken and i just hope they are not demolished before i get there!

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