Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hello Florida....

The boyfriend and I are planning a year long trip around the world, sure we wont be leaving until early next year, and we have the whole world to explore before we even hit America (the last stop of our trip where we are hoping to stay and work) But when i stumble across photos like the one above I want to jump on the next plane over there... I cant wait another second!

The history, the architecture its all just mind blowing... I know I know its no La Sagrada Familia, but I'm a huge fan of anything that came out of the 20's and Art Deco is my kind of style...

I hope Florida knows how good they have it with pretty buildings like this one in West Palm Beach to take photos of when ever they gosh darn please!


  1. its funny you dream of florida and i dream of australia.. sigh. if you make it to south florida or even west palm we should meet up and find an adventure. :) your year long trip with the bf sounds magical. cant wait to see your pics.
    peace & love.

  2. hahaha... that is funny, the grass is always a little bit greener i guess :) florida looks sooooooo amazing! all the house are so cute! we are driving from florida through New orleans up to tennesse diagonally up and across to seattle and back down the west coast! I cant wait!

    you'll have to fill me in on the things to do in florida. a adventure is always on the cards! x