Friday, February 12, 2010

Nat Friedman

Who the f**k is Nat Friedman? Well I'm not actually sure to be honest, but I love his work. All i did was google disposable camera projects in a desperate bid to find something to blog about and his (or her) name kept popping up... Running out of options I clicked through to find this blog post.

Seems Nat, whom ever he/she is spent a little time in Rio this past January, Nat and his/her friends were presented with a opportunity to tour the slums built up on the hillsides that surround the city, also called favelas they are intricate and crowded places that many travellers would be wary of entering. The best-known favela in Rio is Cidade de Deus, which I have blogged about here before as its where the amazing City of God movie was set.

Nat was amazed at how fascinated the towns people were with the LCD screen on his/her camera... wanting to give something back they returned to town to buy as many disposable cameras as they could and handed them out in the slums the next day. Out of 32 cameras they were given 26 back and developed the shots and shared them with the young armature photographers, most of which had never even picked up a camera.

The shots are truly amazing, not to mention humbling, you can see a few of the results above but be sure to check out the rest of the photos here, read the whole story then scroll to the bottom for gallery's


  1. Nat Friedman is my friend. I know Nat Friedman, and I'm no Nat Friedman.

  2. haha well who ever he/she is they have had one hell of a rad idea with that disposable camera thing. love it!

  3. Nat (male, short for Nathaniel) is known for a lot of awesome ideas and also for having the ability to actually follow through on them. If you get a chance to meet him, he's worth knowing.